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Last Wednesday, we had our break fast at restraurant Duyung, Padang Jawa. All of us, gave good co operation =). To Naimah, and to those who were in charge in food ordering and all, we would like to say thank you very much. The food came sharp at 7.30,so nobody complained.The food are all nice, maybe we can make something like that again in the future.. =)

What you guys think of making class trip after final??
or 'jamuan raya" perhaps it will tighten up the unity among classmates.. =)
Well till now for today .. drop by , and do comment ..thanks

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Social media here to stay , Twitter and Facebook not just fads


Saturday September 5, 2009,The Star
Social media here to stay, Twitter and Facebook not just fads
PETALING JAYA: Social media — blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the like — is not a fad that will burn hot and then disappear. It is integrating with our daily activities the way cell phones and the Internet already have.

And it’s not just for friends to stay in touch with one another. These tools are now increasingly being used for spreading news, gathering information, and building relationships.

“Social media is a normal part of my life,” said Niki Cheong, assistant editor of The Star R.AGE and a self-confessed Twitter addict. He has 1,483 other Twitterers who follow his tweets and 1,613 friends on Facebook now.

“I tweet when I wake up, when I am waiting in line at the bank, during meals, and before I go to bed,” he said.

“Obsessive? Maybe. But I don’t think so. It’s natural to me.”

Cheong was speaking at a talk on social media at the Menara Star here yesterday. The event was organised by the Malaysian Public Relations Consultants Association.

He started into social media as it was the best way to keep in touch with friends and family, some in faraway countries, and to even reconnect lost friendships.

“I just tweet on what’s the best restaurant to buka puasa at this evening, and I’ll get hundreds of replies. I guarantee that,” he said.

Cheong was one of two Malaysians who recently made it into the Top 20 of the Ultimate Mr Twitter World list, which is compiled by the Tweeter Wall site.

Michael Netzley, associate professor of corporate communications practice at the Singapore Management University, who was the main speaker at the talk, said many people were turning to social media tools.

“Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for the Generation Y crowd, you will find Generation X and even Baby Boomers on these too,” he said, warning that the social media tool could be misused with incorrect information being disseminated.

He cited the example of the public outcry in South Korea over mad cow disease when that government decided to allow the import of US beef.

New Media

Article Contributed By : Hardhinah                            Posted By: Munirah
Pictures: Education Purpose Only.

New media is a broad term that emerged in the form of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word, with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, computer-enabled consumer devices and most importantly the Internet.

New media holds out a possibility of on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around the media content. What distinguishes new media from traditional media is the dynamic life of the "new media" content and its interactive relationship with the media consumer.

New technology has given people more options to express themselves- not just through websites, and online blogs and social networks, but also through an array of personal mobile devices that allows anyone to share experiences through digital sound, images and video.

Today, we have many types of new media available for us. The famous Apple iPods is used to make their own music playlists. Personal video recorders allow them to customize television schedules. Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB Digital Radio pumps static-free music to their homes and cars. These consumers pull stock-market updates, text messages, wallpaper, ring-tones, and short-form video into their mobile phones. They come together in online communities, generate their own content, mix it, and share it on a growing number of social networks.

Broadband access and the Internet Protocol (IP) have made this new breed of consumer possible. Broadband and IP will be the foundation through which consumers organize their work, leisure, and social. A weblog also known as blog, is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order. Blogs often provide commentary or news, such as food, politics, or local news; or even personal online diaries.

Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. Podcasters' web sites may also offer direct download or streaming of their files.

The old media model was: there is one source of truth. The new media model is: there are multiple sources of truth, and we will sort it out. The clear benefit of new media will be an explosion of creativity: a flowering of expressive diversity on the scale of the eponymous proliferation of biological species 530 million years ago. We are entering an age of cultural richness and abundant choice that we've never seen before in history. Peer production is the most powerful industrial force of our time.

At the same time revolutions tend to suck for ordinary people. Indeed, many people in the traditional media are pessimistic about the rise of a participatory culture, either because they believe it threatens the business model that they have grown used to, or because they feel it threatens public discourse, civility and even democracy.

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How to make a Website

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To all my classmates,

in here, i would u to remind all of you , on Monday  16th August 2010,we will be having a quiz for Ms.Baby's class. .Good Luck! =)

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Article from: Andrea Goulet      Edited and Contributed by: Ainul Yasmin   
Uploaded By: Amalina

so with all of the tools out there, which ones are worth your valuable time and attention? This is a comprehensive view by Andrea Gouleta blogger who is passionate in bringing authentic, conversational voice to your marketing communications. In this article she focuses on some on the new media tools that can be used by individuals, businesses and organizations in leveraging  their communication mediums. 


I usemyspace to keep in touch with all of my friends and family. That’s it – very little business (although I do have a link to my business website). I like myspace because I can send out event invitations to everyone at once. For example – my birthday is coming up (June 28th in case you’re feeling generous) and I wanted to get a bunch of my friends together. Instead of calling each friend individually, I sent an event invitiaton through myspace (similar to if you’re familiar with that). Myspace then emailed all of my friends and showed them the invitation. My friends can RSVP and leave comments.


This is the one site that I can absolutely say did make me money this year. I’ll get to how in a minute. Let’s first talk about what Linked In is.The main complaint I hear about Linked In is how it doesn’t DO anything. People say they have a profile and contacts just sit there. Well, it’s kind of like potential vs. kinetic energy. Linked In is a database of your networking contacts and their history. I use LinkedIn as a followup to networking events. Instead of sending an e-mail I send a LinkedIn invitation. It’s all about building the database (potential energy) and using it strategically (kinetic energy).Here are three ways I use LinkedIn. 

First, if I have two contacts who need to meet eachother and they’re both in my Linked In network, I forward the LinkedIn profile instead of an e-mail. This way the person who’s receiving the referral can check out the other person’s history & recommendations. They can also e-mail them directly.Secondly, If I have a question I can send it out to my contacts. For example, I was doing research for an article about websites that make businesses productive. I sent out the question to my contacts and got some great responses. I only had to post once, and the information was sent out to everyone – great time saver.

Finally, the way I made money – when I left corporate and started my own business I updated my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn automatically sent an e-mail to all of my professional contacts letting them know that I had changed my profile and was now self-employed. Within 24 hours I received 15 phone calls, set 8 appointments and landed my first 3 clients. Granted, this is a one time event – but again – it’s the kinetic energy.


I've tried it and think that this site is a complete waste of my time. Why do I need to post what I’m doing all the time? Who gives a rip? Plus, I can’t even search to see if my friends are already on the site, which gives twitter a real big thumbs down for me. I know some people swear by it – I just can’t figure out why I should bother.


A listing of PR/Marketing/Advertising news stories.  MY RAGAN kind of like but for MarCom professionals. I like it because it’s easy to use and has a lot of rich content. Granted, if you’re not in the marketing/advertising/PR field, you probably won’t find it as interesting as I do. I wrote a longer review that you can check out.


The biggest mistake I made when I started my blog was going to (they host and it’s free) and not (I host, it’s still free but I can use a blog promote my links). About 2 months ago I got a slap on the wrist because I was including a link to my website at the bottom of each post. Now it’s difficult to switch because I have dedicated readers and I’m not sure if they would follow me to a different site. I tried downloading the software and uploading my previous posts, but it came out all wrong. The frustrating part is that has importing shortcuts for a Typepad or Blogger blog – but not a blog.But enough about wordpress (who I really do like – it’s open source). Who should use a blog and how often should you post?

Well, it’s kind of like a gym membership. Any business can benefit from a blog – but if you’re not using it it’s pointless. Keeping with the metaphor, I advise my clients to start slow when beginning their blogs. Have you ever joined a gym January 2nd, told yourself you were going to go 4 times a week and then that eventually turned into basically twice a year because you burnt yourself out? Same thing with blogging. Start slow – once a week. Once you have that under your belt go totwice a week. Then you’ll eventually become addicted and be posting all the time. It’s better to be consistent than to push yourself towards unrealistic expectations.


Everyone knows about losing data in a computer crash or as the result of a virus, and backup is one of the most powerful ways to protect against this. While backup will not save your computer from crashing, or keep viruses from being able to infect it, it will ensure that no matter what happens to your computer you will still have access to the files that are important to you. 

Backup is a powerful tool and everyone who uses a computer should have at least some of their files in backup.We all know that someday something will happen, and when that day comes you will be happy to have your files in backup

Backup Your Entire Computer

       While not always necessary, it can be smart to backup your entire computer in case of a system crash. In the old days it would be very difficult to back up much of your computer, as the only tools available were floppy disks which held just over a megabyte of data. While computers were themselves smaller, it was still very difficult to conceive of backing up every file on your computer onto these disks.

        Nowadays, with ZIP drives, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, among others, it has never been easier to backup your entire computer. ZIP drives even come with a special utility that is designed specifically for the purpose of backing up your entire computer onto ZIP disk. These formats can hold hundreds of megabytes and even more of information on a single disk, and can prove very powerful in the backing up of your information.

       Just imagine, being able to restore your entire computer from disk even if the worst has happened to your computer and your operating system. It is a beautiful feeling to see everything back to the way it should be after having a complete system crash on you.

       One thing to remember when you backup is that the sooner you backup, the better. If you have the time to backup your computer today, take it. You never know when something will happen. Time spent in backup is never time wasted, because you will appreciate it when the time comes. Backup has never been easier, and there is just no excuse not to have at least the important files on your computer backed up, if not your entire system.

       Backing up your entire computer will take a little bit of time, but it is certainly worth it. There are programs which you can utilize in conjunction with your backup disks, whatever they may be, that will allow you to restore your entire computer from disk in case of a system crash.

      Rather than having to reinstall your operating system and all of the programs and utilities which you have put onto your computer over the years, as well as all of the personal things that you have created yourself that can never be restored, restoring your entire computer from disk is fast, easy, and will include anything and everything that you had on your computer, even files that you had forgotten existed and haven't looked at in years.It is a very powerful thing and a task that you should certainly look into undertaking.

Article by: Walter Stevens       Contribute by: Azmira Azhar   Upload by: Munirah

p/s: all pictures are for illustrations purpose only 

The first ‘Terawikh’

Article  by: Ema suraya                                   Upload by: Munirahim

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone…

Happy fasting to all Muslim and hope this Ramadan will bring us happiness and always be blessed by Allah swt all the time !!!!!!.

For the very first day of Terawikh (night before the first day of fasting) my friends and I went to perform Terawikh (pray that only can be performed during Ramadan) at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, which is the state Mosque of Selangor.

Alhamdulillah, there were so many people came to perform the first time Terawikh for this year. It was surprisingly that the big mosque was fully loaded by prayers from all level of age.
So people outside there make this Ramadan more meaningful and blissful to us as well as to our family, love ones and friends.

Here is some info for the beneficence of Ramadan.

How To Use External Storage

Speed up your Computer by Saving Files Elsewhere

Retrieved: Mar 21, 2010                  Author: Kayleigh Teachout 
Article by: Azmira Azhar                  Upload by: Munirah 

A Basic External Hard Drive 

Each year, students write midterms, essays, finals, and assignments. Professionals write reports, presentations, and other files. Freelance writers can write up to five or more articles every day they need to or want to store for a portfolio or future edits. Home computer users save emails, pictures, music files, and many other digital files.

       While most modern computers have at least 2 gigs of storage space, that may not be enough for many computer users. In addition, files and pictures need to be stored for years and need to be transferred to a new computer or two over the users lifetime. Saving files on a computer is great for temporary or short-term storage, but for those files that will be hanging around for a while, there are better options.

Why Storing Files on a Computer is Bad

      Having thousands of music and photo files stored on a computer's hard drive slows it down considerably. Each time a computer is turned on, it has to load every file. If there are multiple users on a single computer, each storing files regularly, it may take a long time for a computer to start up and run.

     Another problem occurs when a new computer is purchased. How are files transferred from the old computer to the new one? It used to be a long process of saving each file on a disk and then transferring them onto a new computer. Each user would have to save his or her own files and keep track of the disks.

Now there are a few newer, better options, but not everyone knows about them, or understands them. These three options are ways of storing files externally, or not on the computer's hard drive.

Option 1: External Hard Drive

      An external hard drive can be a small thumb, or flash, drive that can save a few text documents and photos, or can be as large as 1 terabyte (TB), which is 1024 Gigabytes (GB) or 1 million megabytes (MB). External hard drives are set up similarly to the file system on basic computers. Some come with pre-named folders such as Photos, Documents, Music, and Videos and others let the user create their own. 1 TB external hard drives take the average computer user many years to fill, so it is a good choice as long as it can last.

      This type of storage device usually looks like a novel sized box with an indicator light, a wall plug, and a USB connection. It can be used with a laptop or computer and can easily be plugged into a new computer. Most brands can also be networked so multiple users on multiple computers can access and store files on it over the network without needing to be plugged into each computer.

      External hard drives are commonly referred to as back up drives due to their ability to back up an entire computer so nothing will be lost if the computer is broken or is infected with a virus. A basic 1 TB external hard drive costs around $100 USD or more, but is worth the investment to store large amounts of data and allow computers to run faster.

Option 2: Paid Third Party Storage

A second option for external file storage is paid third party storage. There are a few companies who server sell storage space for computer files. Basically, files can be uploaded to the company's website after the user purchases a storage plan and sets up an account. Certain storage companies only allow text files while others allow many types of files.
One example is


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Good morning everyone! Amal is so happy today ! yeay! have u guys read and take note on your latest assignment for ms baby?? o o o , and one more thing for the internship thingy Imah wants to hand it off to Ms Mel by this thursday so, to those who still haven't clarified do it now!give it to Imah by this Wednesday coz if not we won't be guaranteed that we will get the place  =)

heee.. let's get back to the main topic..happy day bebehs n dudes,as u all notice that, Ramadhan  is nearly arrive.Everyone, i'm thinking of break fast together with the class.. what u guys think?? hurm... i need you guys' help, to make it fair i would like to ask people of 5b's suggestions.. i think there should be no problem ritey?? =) furthermore , some of us is having different schedule for the elective subjects. now what you u have to do is put down your beautiful fingers on the keyboard and do comment ,thank you =)  teeheee.. =D

DO INCLUDE your suggestion with specific date and place... =)  i think that's all from me  this morning, i'll keep updating all of you with the latest news that people of 5B  should know. love u guys <3

NENO NENO!!ATTENTIONNN!!! Miss baby's assignment!!!!! list of group)

It's time to improve u'r skill in doing ur HOMEWORK! hahahah =D no worries, it's a group work =)  to my dearest classmate please keep urself update to the new assgnment that was given to us today , as we all know  in here I include the name list  of Ms Baby's assgnment, that has been given today:

Group 1                            Group 2                         Group 3
Ani                                      Fatin                                  Hadhinah
Zura                                    Syeera                              Yaya
Ella                                     Hanim                                Aseng
Fanaa                                Amal                                  Naimah
Mira                                    Epol                                   K.wan
Juju                                     Mukmin                             Amy
Juji                                      Elly                                     Eton
Ema                                    Yasmin                              Hafiz
Moon                                                                            m.jalani

p/s ----> Please take note on this! o u'r negligence may cause u trouble.. heheh

According to Ms. baby, we will be discussing about it next prepared! =) good luck guys!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~ Class Timetable of MC22s 5B~

Dear Classmates,
This is our class timetable for our compulsory subjects only.


10.30-1.20p.m: PRO 624 (Special Topics in PR) Mdm. Haslita Ismail. (BK 17)

2.10-4.00p.m: PRO 621 (PR Counselling) Mr. Abuzar Abdul Halim (BK 3)

4.10-7.00p.m: PRO 622 (New Media Tech. In PR) Miss Baby Anusha Nur (BK 21)



2.10-4.00p.m: Third Language

6.10-9.00p.m: PRO 423 (Financial PR) Mdm. Faridah Hanim. (BK 6)


8.30a.m-11.20: PRO 623 (PR Campaign & Issue) Mdm. Noraini (BK 10)

3.10-5.00p.m: PRO 621 (PR Counselling) Mr Abuzar Abdul Halim (BK 15)

*note that Tuesday & Thursday classes depends on which elective subjects you have chosen. Thank You.