Friday, August 13, 2010


Everyone knows about losing data in a computer crash or as the result of a virus, and backup is one of the most powerful ways to protect against this. While backup will not save your computer from crashing, or keep viruses from being able to infect it, it will ensure that no matter what happens to your computer you will still have access to the files that are important to you. 

Backup is a powerful tool and everyone who uses a computer should have at least some of their files in backup.We all know that someday something will happen, and when that day comes you will be happy to have your files in backup

Backup Your Entire Computer

       While not always necessary, it can be smart to backup your entire computer in case of a system crash. In the old days it would be very difficult to back up much of your computer, as the only tools available were floppy disks which held just over a megabyte of data. While computers were themselves smaller, it was still very difficult to conceive of backing up every file on your computer onto these disks.

        Nowadays, with ZIP drives, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, among others, it has never been easier to backup your entire computer. ZIP drives even come with a special utility that is designed specifically for the purpose of backing up your entire computer onto ZIP disk. These formats can hold hundreds of megabytes and even more of information on a single disk, and can prove very powerful in the backing up of your information.

       Just imagine, being able to restore your entire computer from disk even if the worst has happened to your computer and your operating system. It is a beautiful feeling to see everything back to the way it should be after having a complete system crash on you.

       One thing to remember when you backup is that the sooner you backup, the better. If you have the time to backup your computer today, take it. You never know when something will happen. Time spent in backup is never time wasted, because you will appreciate it when the time comes. Backup has never been easier, and there is just no excuse not to have at least the important files on your computer backed up, if not your entire system.

       Backing up your entire computer will take a little bit of time, but it is certainly worth it. There are programs which you can utilize in conjunction with your backup disks, whatever they may be, that will allow you to restore your entire computer from disk in case of a system crash.

      Rather than having to reinstall your operating system and all of the programs and utilities which you have put onto your computer over the years, as well as all of the personal things that you have created yourself that can never be restored, restoring your entire computer from disk is fast, easy, and will include anything and everything that you had on your computer, even files that you had forgotten existed and haven't looked at in years.It is a very powerful thing and a task that you should certainly look into undertaking.

Article by: Walter Stevens       Contribute by: Azmira Azhar   Upload by: Munirah

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