Monday, August 2, 2010

NENO NENO!!ATTENTIONNN!!! Miss baby's assignment!!!!! list of group)

It's time to improve u'r skill in doing ur HOMEWORK! hahahah =D no worries, it's a group work =)  to my dearest classmate please keep urself update to the new assgnment that was given to us today , as we all know  in here I include the name list  of Ms Baby's assgnment, that has been given today:

Group 1                            Group 2                         Group 3
Ani                                      Fatin                                  Hadhinah
Zura                                    Syeera                              Yaya
Ella                                     Hanim                                Aseng
Fanaa                                Amal                                  Naimah
Mira                                    Epol                                   K.wan
Juju                                     Mukmin                             Amy
Juji                                      Elly                                     Eton
Ema                                    Yasmin                              Hafiz
Moon                                                                            m.jalani

p/s ----> Please take note on this! o u'r negligence may cause u trouble.. heheh

According to Ms. baby, we will be discussing about it next prepared! =) good luck guys!!


  1. khir mukmin: oh yes , i juz found out, my mistake jai is in hadhina's group. im very sorry for the incovenience. =( thanx mukmin =) i'll update it

  2. Ella: the number of the group is already accordance to the number of the questions.. to conclude, the number of the group is basically the number teh question ,thank you =)

  3. wahai grup mbe..mari la kt buat bsame2..cepatan!! :)

  4. ak lupe cmne nk letak..gmba yg kecik kt tepi tu...yg profile tu...cmne ek?