Sunday, August 1, 2010

~ Class Timetable of MC22s 5B~

Dear Classmates,
This is our class timetable for our compulsory subjects only.


10.30-1.20p.m: PRO 624 (Special Topics in PR) Mdm. Haslita Ismail. (BK 17)

2.10-4.00p.m: PRO 621 (PR Counselling) Mr. Abuzar Abdul Halim (BK 3)

4.10-7.00p.m: PRO 622 (New Media Tech. In PR) Miss Baby Anusha Nur (BK 21)



2.10-4.00p.m: Third Language

6.10-9.00p.m: PRO 423 (Financial PR) Mdm. Faridah Hanim. (BK 6)


8.30a.m-11.20: PRO 623 (PR Campaign & Issue) Mdm. Noraini (BK 10)

3.10-5.00p.m: PRO 621 (PR Counselling) Mr Abuzar Abdul Halim (BK 15)

*note that Tuesday & Thursday classes depends on which elective subjects you have chosen. Thank You.

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