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so with all of the tools out there, which ones are worth your valuable time and attention? This is a comprehensive view by Andrea Gouleta blogger who is passionate in bringing authentic, conversational voice to your marketing communications. In this article she focuses on some on the new media tools that can be used by individuals, businesses and organizations in leveraging  their communication mediums. 


I usemyspace to keep in touch with all of my friends and family. That’s it – very little business (although I do have a link to my business website). I like myspace because I can send out event invitations to everyone at once. For example – my birthday is coming up (June 28th in case you’re feeling generous) and I wanted to get a bunch of my friends together. Instead of calling each friend individually, I sent an event invitiaton through myspace (similar to if you’re familiar with that). Myspace then emailed all of my friends and showed them the invitation. My friends can RSVP and leave comments.


This is the one site that I can absolutely say did make me money this year. I’ll get to how in a minute. Let’s first talk about what Linked In is.The main complaint I hear about Linked In is how it doesn’t DO anything. People say they have a profile and contacts just sit there. Well, it’s kind of like potential vs. kinetic energy. Linked In is a database of your networking contacts and their history. I use LinkedIn as a followup to networking events. Instead of sending an e-mail I send a LinkedIn invitation. It’s all about building the database (potential energy) and using it strategically (kinetic energy).Here are three ways I use LinkedIn. 

First, if I have two contacts who need to meet eachother and they’re both in my Linked In network, I forward the LinkedIn profile instead of an e-mail. This way the person who’s receiving the referral can check out the other person’s history & recommendations. They can also e-mail them directly.Secondly, If I have a question I can send it out to my contacts. For example, I was doing research for an article about websites that make businesses productive. I sent out the question to my contacts and got some great responses. I only had to post once, and the information was sent out to everyone – great time saver.

Finally, the way I made money – when I left corporate and started my own business I updated my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn automatically sent an e-mail to all of my professional contacts letting them know that I had changed my profile and was now self-employed. Within 24 hours I received 15 phone calls, set 8 appointments and landed my first 3 clients. Granted, this is a one time event – but again – it’s the kinetic energy.


I've tried it and think that this site is a complete waste of my time. Why do I need to post what I’m doing all the time? Who gives a rip? Plus, I can’t even search to see if my friends are already on the site, which gives twitter a real big thumbs down for me. I know some people swear by it – I just can’t figure out why I should bother.


A listing of PR/Marketing/Advertising news stories.  MY RAGAN kind of like but for MarCom professionals. I like it because it’s easy to use and has a lot of rich content. Granted, if you’re not in the marketing/advertising/PR field, you probably won’t find it as interesting as I do. I wrote a longer review that you can check out.


The biggest mistake I made when I started my blog was going to (they host and it’s free) and not (I host, it’s still free but I can use a blog promote my links). About 2 months ago I got a slap on the wrist because I was including a link to my website at the bottom of each post. Now it’s difficult to switch because I have dedicated readers and I’m not sure if they would follow me to a different site. I tried downloading the software and uploading my previous posts, but it came out all wrong. The frustrating part is that has importing shortcuts for a Typepad or Blogger blog – but not a blog.But enough about wordpress (who I really do like – it’s open source). Who should use a blog and how often should you post?

Well, it’s kind of like a gym membership. Any business can benefit from a blog – but if you’re not using it it’s pointless. Keeping with the metaphor, I advise my clients to start slow when beginning their blogs. Have you ever joined a gym January 2nd, told yourself you were going to go 4 times a week and then that eventually turned into basically twice a year because you burnt yourself out? Same thing with blogging. Start slow – once a week. Once you have that under your belt go totwice a week. Then you’ll eventually become addicted and be posting all the time. It’s better to be consistent than to push yourself towards unrealistic expectations.


  1. i'm agree with this article..twitter can sometimes can be just wasting our time..why bother to tell everybody everything that we do haha..MyRagan- is new for me.. tanx for the info basically it is about marketing communication right..

  2. by these new media...information can be spread in a minute. people can get to know things that they want to know such the current info and also the latest product in market. ^_^ it is also can unite people beyond boundaries!

  3. i depend on how people handle it..
    because we also have others tools to spread massage in a second..such as hand phone..why i said this because i don't have these tools like myspace, blog and facebook, i only have my e-mail and hand phone..but still i can connect and spread information easily..

  4. There are the good side and the bad side of using media tools. As for twitter, yes i agree that it waste your time because what it could only provide you is updating your status or what you are doing at the moment. So basically, it is inappropriate to tell others the whole entire thing you've done for the day. No privacy at all.

    As for other media tools, i find it quite helpful in enhacing your business, and communication. As provides you with virtual space where you could interact directly with anyone anywhere. :)

    (Mardziyatun Nasibah)