Friday, August 6, 2010

Video: RSS in Plain English


  1. Hi my dear classmates (MC22s5B)!!i just found this great youtube regarding on RSS ( 1 of new media technology that being used nowadays)...wanna know more about RSS?? watch this youtube and please leave your comments, disscussion or opinions regarding on this post ok!!!!! =)

  2. I dun understand.... uhuhuhuh
    c chantek.... ihihih

  3. basically, what i had understand...
    1. seeking news or smthing which is intrsting in d blog n news nowdys had be define as an old way but still under new media...
    2. nowdys blog and news come to us by sending intresting news or any information that we want to know through our email account.
    3. by using RSS, we can put link of website that we like in our reader...n we can follow up about the issue by clicking the link...

    that's what i had understand...who want to share their opinion please leave your comment ok!!!

  4. i'm still a little blur on what RSS is...-fatin